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Potato for Hair fall, Dandruff, Baldness, Dry hair, Split & Grey hair

Why Potatoes?

Lack of Vitamin A, B and C is one of the major reasons for dull, dry and brittle (easily breakable) hair. Vitamin A, B and C are very essential for hair growth and its health. So provide these vitamins to your hair for their growth, thickness and health. Potato is one of the rich foods in Vitamins C, B6 and fiber. Following are the greatest ways to use potato for long, strong, silky and shiny hair. And don’t forget to leave your experience in comment box…Good luck….

1. Potato juice for hair fall & dandruff

Put 3 potatoes in juicer to get juice from it, add 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice in this potato juice. Apply this mixture to your scalp and hair for 30-40 minutes. Wash off gently with lukewarm water without using any shampoo. Do this twice a week to remove dandruff and to avoid hair fall. 

This is one if the best, easiest and highly effective home remedies for hair growth and many hair problems. This trick 100% helpful and you can see awesome result in few weeks. Potato is very useful in Alopecia also.

2. Potato water for long and strong hair

Peel 3-4 potatoes and boil them in 1-2 liter water for 10-15 minutes. Let the water to lukewarm and use this lukewarm water to wash your hair before applying Shampoo and Conditioner. This gives you healthy, long and strong hair.  Do this twice a week for 5-6 weeks continuously. 

3. Restore Grey hair

Prepare your own hair tonic for hair easily at home. Peel 2-3 potatoes. Collect all the peelings and boil them in glass of water for 10-15 minutes on slow flame. Strain this water. Then wash your hair with mild or herbal shampoo and apply this potato peeling lukewarm water to your hair for 5 minutes and wash off with plain lukewarm water. This potato peeling water is very effective in darkening your grey hair in natural way. Within few weeks you can see the result. Do this consistently for 6 weeks for best outcome.

4. Damaged scalp and split hair

Grate or make small pieces 2 raw potatoes and grind them with two tablespoon of grated coconut in mixer to make very smooth paste of it, you can also add 2 tablespoon of coconut milk instead of grated coconut. Also add 2 tablespoon 4-5 tablespoon of curd and two tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Mix these ingredients properly to make fine paste. Apply this paste on the scalp and ends. Leave for 3-35 minutes and rinse off with mild or herbal shampoo. For best result apply this mask once or twice in a week.  

5. Sweet Potato Hair Mask for Soft, Shiny hair

Boil 2 Sweet potatoes in glass of water for only 4-5 minutes on slow flame. Crush them and make fine paste of it. Add 1 tablespoon of Olive oil and 1 tablespoon of curd in this Sweet potato paste and mix them well.  

Then, rinse down your hair first with lukewarm/normal water and apply this paste on the damp hair, scalp to end. Twist your hair up into a bun for 30-40 minutes and wash off with warm water. This Sweet potato mask nourishes hair with powerful nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which is required to soften and repair hair. You will have soft, strong and shiny hair that is full of nourishment and hydration. 

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