5 Aspirin Face Masks for Suntan, Dull-Dry, Oily Skin, Blemishes, Dark skin

Aspirin is one of the most commonly used painkillers; did you ever imagine that Aspirin can also be a simple solution for skin and hair issues? Surprising, isn’t it?

Aspirin tablet contains acetylsalicylic acid (a type of crystalline compound), which is extracted from salicylic acid. It is a BHA (beta hydroxyl acid), which helps to soothe inflammation, redness and itchiness of the skin and body.

Benefits of aspirin face mask

1.  Removes dead skin cells from skin
2.  Reduces the chances of acne formation by cleansing clogged skin pores.
4.  Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
3.  Reduces skin discoloration and staining due to ageing and sun damages.
5.  It has ability to reduce swelling, thus helps reduce puffy eyes and facial puffiness.

Let’s see 5 most beneficial aspirin face masks for different types of skin.

1. For mix Skin type

Crush 2-4 aspirin tablets to make fine powder. Mix this powder with enough aloe vera gel. Mix it and apply on your skin for 20 minutes. Before washing it off gently massage your skin with the same application using some water. This face mask will nourish your skin and make it healthy.

2. Sun Damaged Skin & blemishes

Healing properties of curd can cure sunburn and Lemon juice minimizes the damages due to UV rays and reduces the oxidation process of free radicals on our skin. All the ingredients in this face mask can lighten the uneven skin tone. Aspirin also increases the cell exfoliation.


Make some aspirin paste using enough water, and add 1 teaspoon of curd and few drops of fresh lemon juice to it. You can also add some olive oil; mix all ingredients well together to form thick paste. Apply this mask over the skin or affected area for 20 minutes. Wash off with normal or lukewarm water. For best results, use this mask 2-3 times a week.

3. Aspirin for sensitive skin

Mix some aspirin tablets powder with 1 teaspoon yogurt and half teaspoon honey to make a thick paste. Apply the paste over face evenly. Rinse off with cool water after 20 minutes. This mask not only soothes our skin, but also maintains its health and softness to a great extent.

4. Aspirin-vinegar Facial Toner

This aspirin-vinegar facial toner not only tones our face, but also lessens the puffiness and discoloration of the skin. Additionally, this combination acts as a skin antiseptic. You can store this toner in your refrigerator for future use, put it in glass bottle or jar.


Mix half cup of plain water with 2 tablespoon of white vinegar and drop 10-12 aspirin tablets into the mixture. 

Let the tablets dissolve thoroughly.  Apply this mixture as a toner on clean face, leave it for 10-20 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. 

And store the remaining mixture in the refrigerator.

5. Dull Skin: Aspirin-apple cider vinegar

Mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of plain water or rose water and add some powdered aspirin to it. Mix it nicely and apply on dull and damaged skin to repair it in an efficient way as well as give it a lightening effect.

Aspirin Lip Scrub

If your gentle lips are prone to splitting and peeling, then this DIY lip scrub can stop that. Make fine powder of 2-5 aspirin tablets and mix it with 1 tbsp brown sugar, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp olive oil and 1-2 vitamin E capsules. Mix all the ingredients well together to make thick paste. Apply and massage your lips daily with this mixture for soft and healthy lips. You can store remaining mixture in the refrigerator for 4 days.

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