Amazing Hair Balm for hair loss, dandruff, scalp & healthy hair

Hair loss, damaged scalp, dandruff are a very common problems that affects both men and women. 

The average human scalp has 100,000 hairs and it is normal to lose 80-100 hairs per day from the scalp. 

However, when the hair fall goes beyond this limit you must pay attention and do something to control your hair fall. 

We are sharing an amazing recipe of hair balm that will stop you hair loss in few days naturally. 

Possible reasons why you're losing your hair

Physical & mental stress
Hormonal changes
Unstable weight
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Vitamin B deficiency
Too much vitamin A
Excessive Styling
Lack of protein

Benefits of this miraculous hair balm

Stops hair loss
Removes dandruff
Protects the hair from UV rays
Enhances the natural color of hair
Protects the hair from dust & pollution

Ingredients we need

Rosemary dried leaves - 2 tbsp
Castor oil - 1 tbsp
Raw apple cider vinegar - 1 tbsp
1 egg yolk
Half cup of water
Coconut oil (optional - alternative for castor oil)
Curd  (optional - alternative for apple cider vinegar)


1.  Mash rosemary dried leaves to make a powder and boil it in half cup of water on slow flame until the water is reduced.
2.  Then add castor oil, raw apple cider vinegar and egg yolk to this rosemary paste. Mix all the ingredients well together.
3.  Finally, apply this mixture to wet hair and scalp properly.
4.  Wash the application after 30-40 minutes with lukewarm water.
5.  You can use herbal/mild shampoo to wash the mask off.
6.  Use shower cap to cover your head if you leave it over night.

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Go Indiya

Go Indiya

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