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Which is the Best Time to Eat Dry Fruits? How many Dry Fruits Should you Eat a day?

According to dieticians and other experts, nuts and dried fruits are the healthiest and best snack option. These items have anti-oxidants and inflammation properties that are beneficial to health. The anti-oxidants remove free radicals that cause cell and tissue damages.

Nuts are loaded with Nutrition

Nuts are rich in high fibre, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Research studies have proved that nuts reduce cholesterol, enhance blood vessels function, and improve muscles and joints. Since there are certain nuts with high fats, these should be consumed in limited quantities. Moreover, you should eat them at designated time to avoid negative impact on your health.

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Nuts contain plenty of macro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, manganese, magnesium, potassium, zinc and copper. These nutrients are known as power generators for our body which plays vital role in achieving different health benefits but you should eat them at different breaks during a day to have maximum number of benefits from them.

So what is the best time to consume Nuts?

In order to get maximum benefit from eating nuts, you should consume them in the morning. Eating nuts during breakfast helps in overcoming exhaustion and constant fatigue. Moreover, nuts smoothly regulate blood pressure in the body. Nuts remove bad cholesterol from the bloodstream thereby improves healthy heart functions. 

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How you should consume Nuts?

Morning:  Almonds are rich in several nutrients so they are perfect nuts for starting the day. It is recommended that your soak Almonds overnight or in warm water before eating them.

Evening:  Cashew, Pistachios and Pine Nuts help in boosting your immune system.  These nuts boost energy and improve your stamina for the entire day.  You can snack on these nuts whenever you feel hungry or tired.

Night:  Dates Walnuts and Prunes are highly soluble natural fibres. These significantly help you if you have any issues associated with digestion and constipation. It is advisable that you eat these dried fruits at night. Then you would not feel bloated and/or constipated the next day. 

What should you avoid?

Avoid eating the delicious cashew nuts at night. These nuts are rich in nutrients and can lead to a disturbed sleep at night. Moreover, these nuts cause heaviness in the stomach and can be difficult to digest. You should always avoid eating oil roasted and chocolate coated nuts.

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How many Nuts should you consume during the day?

You should include one fist full of nuts at least once in your daily balanced diet. You can eat approximately 20-25 nuts per day. You can spread eating these nuts as part of meals and/or snacks throughout the entire day.

Eating type of nuts and when to consume them are both essential to know. Only after abiding by rules, you can enjoy a desirable healthy life-style.


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