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12 Drinks that can help you Lose more weight

To lose weight, it is recommended that people consume more liquids. However, the sugary and calorie-filled drinks such as packaged fruit juice, canned juice, chocolate milkshakes, soft drinks, and energy or sport drinks do not answer the purpose. 

What, then, should be drunk while attempting to lose weight? 

Here is a description of some drinks that should be compatible with a diet plan aimed at losing weight in a healthy manner.

1. Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols which accelerate the oxidation of fat. Thus, drinking green tea regularly boosts the body’s metabolism rate. Green tea also contains substances called catechins which regulate one’s blood sugar level and suppresses appetite.

2. Yogurt Based Smoothies

Yoghurt-based smoothies are good on several counts. They help suppress appetite due to their thick consistency. Their calcium content makes them just as healthy as drinking milk. The addition of yoghurt to one’s diet can help one lose almost 61% more fat. This includes 81% stomach fat. Drinking yoghurt-based smoothies prevents the body from storing excess fat.

3. Cranberry and Pear

The freshly-squeezed juice of cranberry and pear is rich in vitamin C. Thus, regular consumption helps rev up the body’s metabolic rate, burning more fat in less time. It also raises the body’s energy levels and provides all the necessary vitamins and proteins.

4. Protein Shakes

Protein shakes can be great replacements for meals or for quenching sudden cravings. You can make these shakes and store them in the refrigerator. A word of caution: you may lose out on some nutrients if you replace meals with these shakes. Thus, you should supplement them with some other types of solid food.

5. Coconut water

What’s fantastic about coconut water is that it contains far more electrolytes that regular fruit juices and sports drinks. Plus, it does not contain any additional sugar or artificial flavor. Drinking coconut water helps boost the body’s metabolic rate and provides the energy required for a high-intensity exercise regime. Thus, it helps one lose weight quickly.


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