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Best Advices to Increase Your Breast milk Supply Naturally

One most important worry for mothers who feed their new born baby is whether or not the breast milk is sufficient or not. It is common especially among first time mothers. It is believed that most of the mothers produce adequate amount that is required for the child. Thus said, there are also few ladies who are not able to secrete enough amounts. 

Few ladies have lactation issues when they have just delivered. When the breast milk supply is inadequate, there is a possibility of it posing a high risk leading to weak immune system, malnutrition and several other health issues.

There are several home remedies that new mothers can follow in order to increase the supply of milk.

1. Breastfeeding within an hour after birth

Generally, breast milk production is a supply demand process. It gets generated based on the new born baby's demand. Hence feeding the child as soon as the baby is born is always good - especially within the first hour after the baby is born. This will help the new born as well as the new mother get a good beginning.

2. Breast feed frequently

The most important key for improving the supply of breast milk is to feed the new born as frequently as possible. Between the feeding sessions, mothers can also use breast pumps for around ten minutes after feeding, in order to boost production of breast milk. The most prompt time to do this will be in the morning or when the baby is napping.

Mothers can also pump simultaneously while feeding the baby. They can pump one side of the breast while feeding on the other. After sometime they can switch over the sides and let the baby feed on the breast that was pumped earlier.

3. Never do things that could inhibit supply

Smoking, tobacco or alcohol consumption results in reduced production of mother's milk. These are to be discontinued during pregnancy as well as during the period where the new born feeds on breast milk.

1.      The other practices that should be avoided during breast feeding period include:
2.      Taking allergy medications
3.      Sleeping on stomach (this would compress the breasts at night)
4.      Using tight brassieres
5.      Carrying a sling with its rings compressing the mother’s back against her breast near the shoulder

4. Massage & warm compress

1.  Mothers should massage their breasts before they feed the child. This will enhance milk flow.

2.    They can also use warm water to massage. With the help of a clean cloth that is dipped in warm water, they can massage around the nipples gently. While doing this they should mildly press the breast against their chest. This would enhance milk flow from the ducts.

3.    Once the massaging is done, the mother should slightly lean forward and start feeding.

5. Keeping hydrated

There will be lesser supply of milk when the mother is dehydrated. So they should drink ample amount of water to keep themselves hydrated.

Apart from water, they can also consume juices, milk and other fluids.

6. Adequate rest

The mother's body experiences so many things during child birth. So after the baby is born, the most important thing is to take rest in order for the body to recover after delivery. 

The best of all home remedies to increase breast milk supply is to take ample time to relax and to take rest.

7. Diet

Many mothers have increased breast milk supply by consuming nutritious food (galactogogues) such as barley, oats millets and quinoas. Spices such as ginger, fennel and turmeric and other foods such as flaxseeds, brewer's yeast, sesame seeds and almonds can also increase the milk supply.

Apart from these, mother's milk tea, moringa powder and fenugreek can also be consumed to boost breast milk. The mothers who feed their young ones should eat adequately in order to meet the baby's milk demand. Mothers need a minimum of 500 calories per day to breast feed.

Caution: Pregnant ladies should avoid the following during pregnancy!
1.    Fennel seeds
2.    Fenugreek
3.    Blessed thistle

8. Remove the pacifier

The amount of breast milk depends upon how much the baby sucks and hence if the baby uses a pacifier, it is better to remove it. This should be done to make sure that the baby spends more time sucking the mother's breast.

It is also better to delay or even avoid using bottles or pacifiers until the breast feeding is very well established. The earlier the use of these equipments, the faster the baby to get confused about the nipples thereby leading to a missed opportunity to breast feed. It also reduces the breast milk supply.

9. Last but not least
1.      Usage of both the breasts while feeding.

2.  It is better to follow the child's hunger needs rather than following a scheduled feeding.
3.  The baby should be allowed to cluster feed (within a short period of time when the baby feeds number of times). It is common for the babies to do this in the evenings before sleeping.
4. Mothers should try switching breasts when the baby gets tired of feeding. Switching between both the breasts up to the point where either gets empty or the baby gets tired of sucking.
5.      Breast feeding during night time is good for increasing the supply.
6.      Mothers should lie down on the bed while nursing. This will help them get rest as well as allow the baby to feed longer.

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