How to Stop Bleeding From a Wound? Emergency Treatment – First Aid

Draining typically looks more awful than it truly is. However, when an expansive vein is cut or torn, the individual can lose a considerable measure of blood inside minutes. In this article we will learn how to deal in such emergency, how to stop bleeding with the help of available sources. Knowledge about bleeding first aid is must. Here are few easy and smart steps to follow to stop minor and heavy bleeding. Let's take a look how to stop the bleeding -

Before you stop the Bleeding

1.        Put a dressing on the injury (bandage cushion or other clean dressing).
2.        Apply pressure directly on the dressing.
3.        Utilize the level piece of your fingers or the palm of your hand.
4.        If the draining does not stop, include more dressing top of the first and press harder.
5.        Keep pressure on the injury until it quits draining and raise the injured region.
6.        Using your exposed hands, apply direct pressure in case all else fails.

How to Stop the Bleeding?

1.        Have the harmed individual lie down and elevate the site that is bleeding.
2.        Remove any obvious protests in the injury that are anything but difficult to remove.
3.        Control the bleeding previous to attempting to clean the injury.
4.        Remove or cut attire from around the injury. Expel any gems from the general zone of the injury so if the territory swells, the adornments won't influence blood stream.
5.        Apply enduring, direct weight and elevate the zone for a full 15 minutes. Utilize a clock—15 minutes can appear like quite a while. Fight the temptation to look after a couple of minutes to see whether draining has ceased. In the event that blood drenches through the material, apply another without lifting the first. On the off chance that there is an article in the injury, apply weight around the item, not directly over it.
6.        If moderate to extreme draining has not hindered or ceased, proceed with direct pressure while getting help. Try not to utilize a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Do whatever you can to keep the injury clean and dodge further damage to the region.
7.        Mild draining normally stops all alone or eases back to a slime or trickle following 15 minutes of pressure. It may ooze or trickle for up to 45 minutes.


Periodically a cut wound reasons draining under the skin, yet only a little amount of blood leaves the injury. At the point when this happens, the range around the cut wound may get to be swollen and wounded. In case, that the blood to gathers near the site of the injury (wound hematoma), the danger of a contamination increments.

After effects

While taking after the ventures to stop the bleeding, look for indications of shock in the injured person, including:

1.        Passing out (losing awareness)
2.        Feeling extremely mixed up or unsteady, similar to losing consciousness
3.        Feeling exceptionally feeble or experiencing difficulty remaining up
4.        Being less alert. The individual may abruptly be not able to react to inquiries, or he or she may be befuddled, fretful, or anxious.

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