How to Deal with Broken Nose? First Aid & Emergency Treatment

On account of a suspected broken nose, look for medicinal consideration. While anticipating restorative care, the accompanying thought toward oneself measures can be taken after:

What should you do?

1.    Have the individual inhale out of his/her mouth.
2.    Have the individual sit upright and incline forward to help hold blood from going down the back of the throat.
3.    Apply a chill ice pack to the nose.

Note: Do not endeavor to straighten a broken nose.

How to avoid nosebleed repeat

The accompanying can help avoid nosebleed repeat:

1.    Avoid physical action for 12 hours after a nosebleed.
2.    Touch the nose as meager as could be allowed for 24 hours after a nosebleed.
3.    Avoid hot drinks, fermented refreshments, smoking, and ibuprofen for an entire week after a nosebleed.
4.    When resting, raise the head with pads.
5.    Breathe from the mouth instead of the nose.
6.    Use a humidifier.

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