15 Things You Didn't Know About Teeth. Amazing Facts about Teeth!

We all know our teeth are very significant for smiling, eating, and talking, but most often we doesn’t know how cool teeth can be. Many diseases are linked to our oral health, including diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis etc. Below are 15 interesting facts about teeth.

Interesting Facts about Teeth

1.  We all know our teeth are essential for eating, smiling and talking, but we are going to share 15 surprising facts that you didn't know about teeth. Read these 15 facts to learn how special teeth are!

2.  Our tooth enamel is the hardest part of our entire body.

3.  One third of our teeth are underneath our gums.

4.  Adult humans have 32 teeth. But, babies only have 20 teeth.

5.  Humans have 2 sets of teeth during lifetime, whereas sharks have around 40 sets of teeth.

6.  Consumers in the U.S. buy 15 million gallons of toothpaste every year

7.  Over the course of our life, we will spend about 38 days brushing our teeth.

8.  Adults human have 32 teeth. Snails have about 25 teeth.

9.  Mosquitoes have teeth! They usually have about 47 teeth.

10.  Saliva protects your teeth from bacteria in your mouth. Our mouth produces over 26,000 quarts (25000 litres) of saliva throughout our life. And that is enough to fill 2 swimming pools!

11.  Teeth start to form even before our birth. Milk teeth/ baby teeth start to form when a baby is in the womb, however teeth don’t begin to show until a child is between 6 and twelve months old.

12.  The most common childhood disease is none other than tooth decay.

13.  Brushing daily can decrease your chance of tooth decay by 30%.

14.  A tooth that gets knocked out starts to die within 15-20 minutes.

15.  Modern toothpaste has only been available for the past 100 years. Before this production, humans used ashes, charcoal/ ground chalk, honey-tobacco mixtures, neem bark and lemon juice to clean their teeth!

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