Why many Women put Cabbage leaves on their Breast will Surprise you!

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Every woman loves a curvaceous body. And breasts are what make a woman look curvy. But they are very sensitive and wearing tight bras may cause stress or discomfort. To sooth them, a very strange technique is used by many women in western countries. They put cabbage leaves on their breast for this. 

Many American and European women use this strange yet extremely helpful method of putting cabbage leaves on their breasts to feel relieved from the stress and pain caused from wearing uncomfortable and tight bras. The reason they do this is that cabbage can soothe the stress and pain as well as relieve swelling, pain and discomfort caused by breastfeeding.

Why Cabbage?

Properties present in cabbage helps to reduce the pain and swelling. It also reduces inflammation because it works as a cold compress. Cabbage compress works more quickly than ice compress or other treatments.

Benefits of Cabbage leaf therapy

Relieves stress and pain
Treats and prevents Engorgement
Reduces swelling and pain
Reduces discomfort and milk supply during weaning
Reduces swelling in spains and broken bones
It reduces breast inflammation, pain and discomforts cause by bras

How cabbage works?

As magnet sucks out all the iron particles, similarly cabbage is said to suck out all the pain causing ailments and diseases from our body. This can be very helpful for mothers of newborn babies as breastfeeding also causes a lot of pain and swelling on the breast of mothers.

So ladies, following this method as a ritual can give your breast a soothing and fresh feeling. So without any further ado, rush to your kitchen and grab some fresh green cold cabbage.
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How to use cabbage for Breast?

You will just need a fresh green cabbage for this and a refrigerator. Though red cabbage will also have the same effect but we said green because red cabbage
might leave stain on your bra and clothes.

After refrigerating for some time check whether it is chilled enough or not. If yes then take it out of the fridge and peel off the outer leaves as we don’t need them.
You will only need two inner leaves of cabbage so peel them off and wash them thoroughly under cold running water. You do not want any dirt, residue of pesticides or insects creeping on your breast. Now dry them properly and keep the leaves on your breast for 20 minutes or until they become warm. After this you will feel relaxed and fresh.

Note: Apply each cabbage leaf around each breast. Do not cover your nipples; leave it exposed in order to keep nipples and skin around your nipples dry and intact.

You can wear a bra to keep the cabbage leaf in place for you. Replace the wilted leaves with fresh ones the next time. Repeat this until you get some relief.

Note: During engorgement or oversupply leave on cabbage compress for 20 minutes and no more than three times per day. Stop using as soon as oversupply/engorgement begins to fall down.

Go Indiya

Go Indiya

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