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Are Long Naps Bad for health? How Long is Too Long?

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Do you feel tired after a nap?
If yes, then you have probably taken a long nap.

Your nap’s duration decides whether it’s going to be beneficial for your health or not. A short nap can improve your alertness and mood, increase relaxation and reduce fatigue. On the other hand, longer naps can ruin disturb your mood and even increase the risk of several diseases.

How long is too long?

When you sleep for over 30 minutes, then your nap is considered as a long one. Research studies show that you require napping for only 20-30 minutes to enjoy favourable benefits. Other studies show napping for 10 minutes improves alertness. Most sleep experts recommend that ideal naps should last for 20 minutes.

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Harmful effects of long naps

Wondering what could go wrong if you oversleep during your afternoon nap?

Here is a list depicting harmful impacts for indulging in long naps.

1. Longer naps may increase risk of cardiovascular diseases.
2. Long naps may increase risk of type 2 diabetes.
3. Long naps may cause night-time sleep issues.
4. Long naps may cause poor cognitive function.

Longer naps may cause early death

Long naps increase your risks of getting illnesses namely diabetes and heart disease leading to early death. Instead of taking long naps for energy, you can drink coffee to stay awake. Research studies have proved that coffee help in making you live longer.

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What is the Best way to Nap?

1. Keep your naps short

Short naps lasting for 15 to 30 minutes improves your alertness and boosts your energy.

2. Nap comfortably
Always nap comfortably in a quiet environment where there is no distraction.

3. Maintain consistency with your naps

Irregular napping schedule can interfere with your sleep cycle. It is recommended that you regularly nap at the same specific time.

4. Nap in the Afternoon

Generally, during the afternoon or midday time people tend to have low concentration levels. It is advised that you take a nap especially during this time of the day.


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