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15 Kitchen home remedies for diabetes - Cure diabetes naturally

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas doesn’t make adequate insulin, or when the produced insulin doesn’t work efficiently. This causes imbalance & high glucose level in the blood.

There are generally two main forms of diabetes- Type 1 (Diabetes insipidus) & Type 2 (Diabetes mellitus), which is a more common form of diabetes. 

Type 2 diabetes can cause high blood glucose level, weight loss, excessive urination, visual disability, heart attacks, tiredness, paralysis, eczema and gangrene.

But diabetes can be managed and cured successfully with tested simple and effective natural home remedies.

I have posted so many easy home remedies for diabetes. Today I am posting some kitchen remedies for diabetes. These remedies are very easy to follow & 100% natural & has no side effects. Try this and share your experience in comment box. All the best.

1. Green tea 

Green tea is very outstanding in prevention of the progression of type 1 diabetes, which is also known as insulin-dependent, juvenile diabetes & childhood onset diabetes. Some studies prove that green tea regulates sugar/glucose levels in the body.

Green tea also reduces blood sugar levels in diabetes type 2, it also helps in weight loss & decreases complications linked with diabetes like cataracts problem and cardiovascular disease. 

Green tea is high in poly phones and has been found to protect against wide swings in glucose levels; however, it contains caffeine which may cause side effects for some people.  

Green tea contains fiber & a digestive enzyme which increases the motility of digestive tract and prevents gas and bloating.

2. Black tea

Some studies show that black tea is also very beneficial in fighting against diabetes. Studies have found that the polysaccharides (type of carbohydrate) contains starch and cellulose, may help diabetics by slowing glucose absorption in the body. Black tea has more polysaccharides than green tea. Moreover, some natural properties found in black tea can protect us against diabetes.

3. Alfalfa

Alfalfa is an herb. Alfalfa is very rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients; it is an astounding herbal remedy to lower blood sugar levels. Many people use the leaves, sprouts and seeds to make medicine. 

1. Take one teaspoon of Alfalfa seeds and sprinkle them on every meal you eat. 

Alfalfa leaves can be consumed raw or prepared as tea. Nowadays alfalfa is available in tablet or capsule form. It can also be used as a tea with 1 or 2 tablespoons of its seeds steeped in boiling water. It can be serving as a general tonic.  

Alfalfa is used for increase urine flow, bladder, prostate conditions, kidney disorder & it is also used for asthma, high cholesterol level, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, stomach & digestive disorders, and a blood disorder called thrombocytopenic. People also take alfalfa as a finest source of calcium, iron, vitamins A, C, E, K4, minerals potassium and phosphorous.

Other benefits of Alfalfa

Curing kidney problems, and relieving fluid retention and swelling
Curing auto-immune disorder
Healing arthritis
Nourishing the skeletal system, glandular, urinary system & digestive system
Cleansing the blood, liver and bowel
Lowering cholesterol levels
Preventing strokes
Healing whooping cough

Attention for lever disease:

Alfalfa may cause blood cell deficiency, so person with cirrhosis or patient undergoing treatment with interferon should avoid. Alfalfa may bind with iron, so patients with iron overload & other lever diseases should use carefully.

4. Yeast

To Lower Blood Sugar level mix dry yeast (1 tablespoon) into cold water (1 cup) or yogurt. Use cold water, as yeast is activated in warm water. Check your blood sugar level after an hour, it will have dropped.

5. Homemade powder for diabetes

Grind following ingredients in a dry mixer/grinder

1.    Fenugreek seeds (methi seeds) 100gm
2.    Cinnamon sticks (daalcheeni) 100gm
3.    Bay leaves (tej patta) 5 to 6 leaves
4.    Cloves (Lauang) 7 to 8 pcs
5.    Cumin Seeds (Jeera) 2 tablespoon
6.    Big Cardamom (Moti elaIchi) 4 to 6 pcs
7.    Black Salt (Kala namak) 50 gm
8.    Black pepper (Kali mirch) 50 gm
9.    Turmeric (Haldi powder) 20 gm

Keep the powder mix in an air tight container. Mix up a teaspoon of the powder in a glass of water and add lemon juice and drink it empty stomach in the early morning. You can also take it after dinner, mix 1 teaspoon with yogurt (dahi). 


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