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Healthy Weight Gain - Brown Rice & Mussels for Muscle Building


Yes, Mussels for muscles! Mussels are a kind of shellfish. You can cook mussels in or out of their shells, but they are also available in form of smoked, frozen, and canned. There are numerous types of mussels, such as blue, black, green and Muurugai. Unlike oysters, mussels are a bit chewy & gritty. Mussels are extremely nutrient-dense seafood.

Mussels have the most extraordinary nutrition of all shellfish. It contains high levels of fatty acids (EPA) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These fats have many advantageous effects, such as, improving brain functions and it reduces inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Mussels are low in calories and fat but rich source of vitamins B. C, iron, folic acid and minerals, such as zinc, which helps us to build & improve immunity power. 

Mussel contains Vitamin B 12 which is very essential for a strong nervous system, the development & formation of red blood cells. So for higher supply of iron and proteins, add mussels in your regular diet, it will help you to gain more weight & strong mussels.

Brown rice

Brown rice is one of the popular part in many body builder diets. A carbohydrate is a crucial element when you want to gain weight, and brown rice is a healthy and rich source of carbohydrates. Brown rice also includes proteins, vitamins, especially B vitamins, magnesium and iron.

Complex carbohydrate in the brown rice is known as a constant release of energy for athletes. You can eat brown rice with any, as it is a great source of carbohydrates for gaining weight and building your muscles.

There are many healthy foods available, which can help you in weight gain, and brown rice is one of them. Brown rice is undoubtedly a healthy food for weight gain & bodybuilding, as it contains generous amounts of complex carbohydrates, fiber and proteins. 

Brown rice is a whole grain food which is very healthy than the common white rice. Brown rice is a worthy part of a diet plan for healthy weight gain. You need to consume more calories than you burn every day during workouts. You can get those calories from nutrient loaded sources such as brown rice. To get the finest and fast results, combine brown rice with other nutrients and calorie dense foods to regularly put on more weight without losing nutrition.

The entire milling and polishing process on the brown rice converts it into white rice, but this whole process destroys 60% to 90% of the vitamin B1, B3, B6, 60% of the iron, manganese, phosphorus, all nutritional fiber and essential fatty acids (EFA), so brown rice is highly recommended instead of regular white rice.

How much nutrition you can get form Brown rice?

Cooked brown rice      1 Cup (200 grams)
Calories                       220 – 250
Total Carbohydrates   44.8 grams
Dietary Fiber                 3-4 grams
Protein                           5 grams

High in Manganese

Brown rice is rich source of manganese; 1 cup of brown rice (200 grams) provides 80% of daily manganese requirements. Manganese helps the body manufacture fats. Manganese is very beneficial for our reproductive and nervous systems.

Finally, mussels and brown rice are simply appetizing and a incredible food all the peoples who want fast weight gain & muscle building. In short, brown rice is undoubtedly the wise & healthy choice. Try it. Good Luck.

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