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15 Natural home remedies for Sore Nipples - Breast Feeding Discomfort

Breastfeeding mothers all over the world have one common problem – sore nipples. Certain factors lead to the occurrence of this problem.

Causes of sore nipples

Menopause and pre-menopause
Heavy breasts
Heart problems
Post-menstrual syndrome
Breast cancer
Certain medicines
Small, benign tumors

Common symptoms of sore nipples

Itchiness, Swelling & pain
Cracks, Bleeding, Heaviness
Discharge from nipples
Headache, sleepiness
Tenderness, Hot flashes
Mood swings, Weight gain
Irregular menstrual cycle

You can try some remedies at home for sore nipples which are not only safe for you but also quite easy to use.

1. Apple cider vinegar

Make a mixture with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. After feeding your baby, dip a cotton ball or a clean, small piece of cloth in the solution. Wring out the excess solution and gently apply to the nipple and the areola. This mixture ensures that the nipple remains clean and destroys dangerous bacteria or yeast infections. Next, take 1 tablespoon of raw coconut oil and lightly apply it to your breast. If you live in a warm area, keep the bottle of coconut oil in the refrigerator so that it remains solid.

2. Salt in warm water

Saline soaks are one of the most effective home remedies for sore nipples. Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Allow your nipples to soak in the saline solution for 10 minutes. Let your nipples dry naturally.

3. Tea tree oil

Another effective and soothing mixture for sore nipples can be made by mixing a few drops of tea tree oil in a glass of tepid water. Soak a piece of soft cotton cloth in the mixture and wring out the excess water. With soft touches, apply the mixture on the nipples. Allow them to dry naturally and then rinse off with warm water. Repeat this procedure a few times every day for relief.

4. Apply breast milk

Did you know that breast milk is also an effective remedy for sore nipples? Apply breast milk on your nipples and allow it to air dry.

5. Coconut oil or olive oil

A more luxurious mixture can be made with 1 drop of pure tea tree oil and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil. Apply this soothing mixture to the affected nipple and let it dry naturally. Before feeding, rinse the area with tepid water and pat dry with a soft and clean cloth or towel.

6. Ice cubes

Swollen nipples can be extremely painful. You can use cold compresses to reduce the swelling. Wrap a few ice cubes in a soft and clean towel and apply it to the affected nipple for around 10 minutes. When used regularly, this home remedy is quite helpful in treating the problem of swollen nipples.

7. Calendula flowers or oil

Calendula flowers are not only pretty to look at, but they are also useful in treating sore nipples.

1.      Make a paste of 1-2 calendula flowers by crushing them well. Apply the paste on the sore nipple and let it dry on its own.
2.      If calendula flowers are not available, equal proportions of olive oil and calendula oil can be mixed in order to make a mixture. Gently dab this mixture on the sore nipple.
3.      Yet another option is to apply calendula ointment on the sore nipples for relief.


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