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Wrong Food Combinations You Must Avoid as per Ayurveda. Incompatible Foods

Although some food stuffs are quite safe, Ayurveda enlightens that combination of two specific safe foods may not be ideal for our health. It depends upon the amount of each food, processing of food, time of taking food, and some other factors. Combination of two specific foods is a health conscious approach to eating, because foods that require different digestive environment should be eaten separately.

4 Simple Ayurveda Principles

Opposing duel/ multiple qualities

When two different qualities are strongly exhibited in two food items and their combination cause a bad quality match, then they are known to be incompatible. For instance: honey & ghee in equal quantities.

In ayurveda, hot potency and cold potency is considered, except some hot potency food or herbs, for example, in ‘Garlic Milk recipe, milk has cold potency and can be use to lower garlic’s hotness.

Similar qualities

When two foods have numerous similarities, to such an extent that their combination would enhance a particular Dosha to a high extent, then they known to be incompatible. For instance: Fish with radish.


When processing of food causes toxic modification or damage to original quality of the food, then it will be incompatible. For example: heating or cooking honey and heating curd.

Time of intake

In ayurveda, day is divided in three parts, from morning to late evening, in one third part, Kapha, Pitta & Vata are active. . If consumption of some food enhances Dosha due to its quality similarity with the timing of Dosha, then that food at that specific time is described as incompatible. For example: Eating curd at night and too much sweets or deserts at night.

Let’s have a look at actual list of bad Ayurveda food combination. 

Incompatible foods according to Ayurveda

Fish with milk is incompatible 

Both items have sweet flavor, but due to the contradiction in their nature and potency (milk is cold and fish is hot) they vitiate the blood & obstructs the channels of circulation in the body.

Chicken, fish with sesame, milk

Chicken and fish should not be combined with milk, sprouted grains and sesame seeds or oil, as it may cause digestive problems.

Salt and milk
Avoid combination of Salt and milk, as both have antagonistic qualities.

Cooked and raw

Avoid eating cooked and raw foods simultaneously. Have a salad first and then go for dinner after a small gap.

Cooking or Heating Honey

Honey becomes toxic when heated or cooked, it produces poison. Cooked honey is heavy to digest and its molecules become sticky and sticks to mucous membrane and locks fine channels.

Honey combined with..

1.  Honey must not be consumed by person suffering with excess heat, as it will increase Pitta.
2.  Avoid honey with fresh rain water. Honey with water in equal quantity is bad combination.
3.  Honey along with sugar is bad combination.

Bananas with milk or butter milk

According to Ayurveda this combination is one of the toxin-forming and heaviest mishmash. Banana should not be taken with milk, yogurt and buttermilk, as these combinations can shrink digestion, generate toxins and may cause cold, cough, and some allergies. This combination creates heaviness in our body and slows down the mind.

Note: If you like to have milk-based banana smoothies, then you must use very ripe banana and also add cardamom and nutmeg to stimulate smooth digestion.

Milk with sour fruits

All sour food such as pickle, sauces and all sour fruits such as sour pomegranate, sour mango, sour lemon or oranges etc are incompatible with milk and butter milk.

Other milk combinations

1.  Horse gram with milk is a wrong combination.
2.  Never drink milk after consuming green leafy vegetables or radish.

Basil with milk
Never drink milk before 30 minutes after having holy basil capsule or tablet.

Spinach with sesame seed
Spinach (Basella rubra) with sesame seed is incompatible, because it may causes diarrhea and stomach pain.

Meat and Potatoes

Combination of animal protein (meat) with carbohydrate (potatoes, bread) is incompatible, because different digestive juices will nullify each other’s efficiency. By combining these two, the carbohydrate will ferment and the protein will putrefy, and this will form gas and flatulence in the system.


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