Revolutionary recipe: Cure Cancer, Overweight, Heart, liver and kidney problems

Famous Russian scientist Dr. Hristo Mermerski has claimed that he has invented a groundbreaking natural recipe which can cure cancer, as this recipe loaded with nutrients which nourishes entire body. This recipe can improve the functioning of all internal organs and glands.

Secret of this recipe

This homemade recipe contains proteins, essential vitamins, vegetable fats, mineral salts, bio-active substances and carbohydrates.

Benefits of this recipe

Greatest cure against all types of cancer
Detoxifies the liver and kidney
Regulates body weight
Cleanses blood vessels
Cures heart issues
Prevents heart attack
Improves the immune system
Cleanses digestive system
Strengthens heart
Cures joints inflammation
Improves memory and brain function
Cures spider veins


4 cups of sprouted grains (green-wheat)
15 garlic cloves
3 cups of organic honey
4 cups of walnuts
15 lemons (medium size)

Preparation for sprouted Greenwheat

1.  Wash green-wheat well and soak them in 8 cups of water overnight.
2.  Leave it for 12 hours at least.

3.  Drain all of the water from the green-wheat.
4.  Soak thin dish towel or cheesecloth or in water and gently squeeze out the water (leaving a small amount).
5.  Place soaked green-wheat in a cheesecloth/ thin dish towel and twist the sides of the cloth together and keep it in normal room temperature.
6.  Leave the green-wheat for 48 hours checking on them occasionally. Lightly sprinkle clean water on the cloth to re-moisten it, if it seems to have dried up.
7.  In 48 hours, you’ll have sprouted green-wheat and ready to use.
8.  You can be refrigerated or you can freeze them.

Preparing the Revolutionary recipe

1.  Grind sprouted green-wheat, walnuts, peeled garlic cloves and 5 chopped lemons with peel (and without seeds) together in grinder.
2.  Grind these ingredients until you get smooth paste of it.
3.  Place this mixture in a clean pot.
4.  Take only the fresh juice from the remaining 10 lemons & add it to the mixture until it becomes homogeneous.
5.  Finally, add honey to the above mixture using a wooden spoon and mix it well.
6.  Pour this mixture in a glass jar with a tight lid and place it in a refrigerator.
7.  Start using it after 3 days.


Consume 1-2 tablespoon 30 minutes before bedtime and every heavy meal e.g. before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and 30 minutes before going to bed.

Dose for cancer patients
Consume 1-2 tablespoon of this mixture every 2 hours before eating anything.

According to Dr. Mermerski, consumption of this concoction guarantees a healthy & long life. It keeps you youthful and energized and most significantly will help cure all types of cancer.

Go Indiya

Go Indiya

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