Super grain! Greenwheat - Health & Nutritional Benefits of Greenwheat Freekeh

Greenwheat Freekeh is a Middle Eastern wheat product which is a nutritional powerhouse, and it is healthier for you in many ways than even brown rice or quinoa. Why is it the latest and greatest superfood? Let's see..

What is It Greenwheat Freekeh?

Freekeh is green (under-ripe) wheat that is picked, sun-dried & roasted, which has smoky flavor. Freekeh Greenwheat is an intensely tasty roasted grain with earthy, umami (a pleasant savoury taste found in meat, cheese and tomatoes, It is not sweet, sour, bitter, or salty). It is softer than barley.

What Makes it so Healthy?

1.  Greenwheat is loaded with fiber. It has two times more fiber than quinoa, and three times more than brown rice.
2.  Greenwheat also contains resistant starch and carb.
3.  It is easy to digest and trouble free on your stomach. It contains high fiber, hence eases constipation and lowers your risk of developing digestive (diverticular) disease that affects large intestine (colon).
4.  Freekeh Greenwheat contains antioxidants aclled, lutein and zeaxanthin, which help protect your eyes and promotes eye health.

Weight loss

Greenwheat Freekeh is the ideal option for the people trying to lose weight, because the fiber and protein present in it fill you up for longer period of time.

It also controls diabetes. It’s a good option for people with diabetes.

Improves digestion

It has Low Glycemic Index, for easy digestion. Greenwheat works as a prebiotic, which enhances the production of bacteria that support easy and quick digestion.

Greenwheat contains proteins, essential vitamins and minerals. Thus generates great health benefits.

Great source of protein

It has low carbohydrates, but high in fiber (up to three times the fiber of brown rice)
Greenwheat Freekeh is an excellent animal-free source of protein.


People with gluten sensitivity or Celiac’s gluten intolerance, shouldn’t eat Greenwheat Freekeh.

How to Make and use it?

Like you make your normal rice, but in half the time. Simply boil one part freekeh Greenwheat in three parts water, cover it and simmer for 19-20 minutes.

Use it like barley, brown rice or quinoa, in cereals, soups, pilafs and risottos, stews, salads, stuffed veggies etc.

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