Month before Stroke, body sends these Warning signs - Don’t ignore them!

People are often apprehensive about cardiac problems. And the one where it all happens too quick, and to the extent that negligence can cost you a good life. What if all this could have been avoided?? What if you could know somehow what is likely to come to you and maybe you could avoid it!! Let me tell you that your body would give you warning signs as good as a month before any stroke.

Types of stroke

We just know that if it is stroke, it is a stroke, but actually there are two types of strokes: ischemic and hemorrhagic. When any of the arteries going to brain are blocked or narrowed making the blood supply suffer, ischemic stroke is experienced. This type of stroke is usually more seen in patients.

Hemorrhagic strokes are less common which usually result due to any bleeding or haemorrhage in brain hereby making the blood supply suffer. Did you know that stroke is fifth in the list of causes of death and disability as per a survey in United States.

How it happens?

Stroke is a result of any kind of rupture, burst or clotting of a blood vessel that carries oxygen to the brain resulting in suffocation of your brain. As the brain cells are now oxygen deficit because the blood flow to them has suffered, they start dying. This result of brain cells dying defines a stroke. Now the brain is an extremely complex organ which controls almost everything that happens inside our body. If, due to stroke, blood isn’t able to reach a particular part affecting proper functioning of some body organ, then that part wont function efficiently and in worst cases even cease to function.

Warning Signs

It is of the utmost importance to be able to recognise the warning signs of a stroke and seek medical assistance as soon as possible to avoid or reduce any serious damage to your brain. With this the risk of any disability or worse can be avoided and also the chances of recovery brightened. According to medical experts these signs may differ from person to person with variation in signs and their amplitudes. Also the type of stroke and the part likely to be damaged plays a significant role in issuing these warning signs to you. But the one common thing which is observed is that these signs tend to begin suddenly.

Stroke - Most Common Symptoms

Trouble with speaking & understanding
Numbness on face, arms and legs
Trouble with seeing one or both eyes
Breathing problems
Light-headedness or weakness
Epileptic attacks
Trouble with walking
Personality changes

Causes of Stroke

Smoking & alcohol
Physical inactivity
Sleeping disorders

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Go Indiya

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