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7 Warning Signals you’re Stressed! Even if you think you’re not

We tend to associate stress with symptoms such as blinding headaches and other chaotic characteristics. Yet, stress can impact your body in several ways that you never imagined. You can get the following symptoms breakouts on your skin, cold sores, getting sick and more. The root cause of all these health issues is nothing but stress. Here is a comprehensive list of some subtle stress symptoms caused within your body.

1. Stomach problems

If you suffer from constant cramps, heartburns and nausea, then most cases it is because of stress. Even if you eat a balanced diet, stress can disrupt all healthy digestive functions.

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2. Skin problems

Even after trying all methods of skin care, the condition of your skin remains unchanged. Your skin just does not clear up and you cannot get rid of your cold sores. Then, blame it on your high stress level. It has been scientifically proved that stress stimulates nerve endings reaching the skin. As a result, the skin reacts to stress causing breakouts of skin and cold sores.

3. Intolerable Headaches

When you are stressed out, your muscles get tensed. As a result you end up with an unbearable headache. People with migraines experience more severe headaches especially caused by stress.  

4. Excessive Hair fall

On an average, people lose around 50-100 strands of hair every day. However, stress actually causes your hair to fall more drastically. Under significant amount of stress, natural growth and rest hair cycle gets negatively affected. Moreover, stress can cause your immune system to attack and remove your hair follicles.

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5. Weight gain

People under lots of stress tend to overeat, snacking between meals, craving and eating comfort foods. As a result, stress causes unnecessary weight gain. It has been observed that stress has a negative impact on the metabolic rate of the body.

6. Continuous Sickness

You find yourself continuously falling sick. You can be assured that it is because of to excessive stress within the body. Stress inhibits the immune system that cannot suppress virus and other germs. As a result, you often end up getting frequent cold and flu.

7. Lack of concentration

Stress has a negative impact on your body. As a matter of fact, stress also affects you mind negatively. When your body is under stress, it secretes stress hormones. These hormones make your mind foggy so you find it difficult to concentrate. When you do not mange stress on time, you can get mental health problems like depression and/or anxiety.

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How to avoid unnecessary Stress in your life?

1. Learn to say ‘No’

Do not accept working more than your ability. Instead, learn to decline work requests when you have lots to work on. Do not get stressed out while working and meeting your deadlines.

2. Exercise 4-5 times a week

If you have not started exercising regularly, then it is time you start. You need to keep your body physically fit to avoid getting stressed out. 

3. Meditate

Keep aside 30-45 minutes for meditating on a daily basis. Generally, the same time for practising meditation is recommended.

4. Spend ‘Quality time’

You should spend time with people who love and care for you. These people would always make you feel happy that fights stress.


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