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7 Proven Cancer Fighting Herbs and Spices. Ayurveda and Cancer

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Over the past centuries, Ayurveda offers several treatments of various illnesses. Everyone has reported that all remedies of Ayurveda are always successful.

According to Ayurveda, health is the perfect balance of body, mind and consciousness. If you wish to live with good health, then you have to abide by certain rules. You have to control your emotions, practise daily regimen of exercise, and consume a healthy diet. As a result, you can protect yourself from getting ill due to poor life-style.

People practising Ayurveda recommend several herbs that prevent you from getting cancer. A group of scientists engaged in research studies fully support this ancient knowledge.

Here is the list of common herbs that have proven anti-cancer properties.

1. Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Holy Basil or Tulsi is well-known for its healing properties. The leaves are used for enhancing the immune system and for removing stress. Basil possesses anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-stress properties. 

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Holy Basil (Tulsi) has phytochemicals that prevents chemically induced cancers of liver, lung, oral, and skin. The phytochemicals increase antioxidant activities and alter gene expressions. Also, phytochemicals directly kills cancer cells and prevents the spread of cancer to other cells.

2. Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla (Indian gooseberry) is an Ayurvedic super-food. It is one of the greatest sources of Vitamin C and also contains tannins, flavonoids, pectin, quercetin, phyllaemblic compounds, polyphenolic compounds and Gallic acid making it the king of rejuvenation.

Over the past three decades, scientists have carried out research studies on the use of Amla. After using Amla extract in laboratories, they discovered it kills and prevents cancer cells. However, Amla does not harm any healthy cells. Thereafter, scientists have reported that the traditional use of Amla is true and correct.

3. Garlic

Garlic contains sulphur, selenium, arginine and flavonoids. The biochemical bio-active compounds of garlic come from allicin when garlic bulbs are chopped and/or crushed. Research studies have proved that people who consume garlic (and onion) definitely prevent getting cancer.

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Consuming garlic prevents formation and activation of carcinogens or cancer causing agents. Also, consuming garlic acts as an anti-bacterial agent.

Note: The World Health Organisation recommends at least one bulb or 2-5 grams of garlic every day for adults.

4. Turmeric (Haldi)

Turmeric root is one of the most researched herbs that positively offer anti-cancer properties. It contains anti-oxidant, antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Curcumin is the major component present in the turmeric root. This component is a very potent antioxidant. It removes free radicals and inhibits growth of cancerous cells. According to several research studies, curcumin kills only cancer cells without harming other healthy cells.

5. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is also known as Indian Ginseng used for distressing the body in Ayurveda. Scientists realised that Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng acts are anti-cancer at least four decades ago. During those days, researchers isolated a crystalline steroid compound called withaferin A from this herb. In addition, research on extracts from Ashwagandha leaves proved that it kills cancerous cells.

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6. Ginger

In medical history, Ginger has been in use for the past 2000 years. The bio-active components of Ginger have potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Some of these bio-active components have shown properties of preventing cancer. After much research studies, today it has been confirmed that Ginger prevents cancer.  

7. Citral

Lemongrass contains a compound called ‘Citral’, which stimulates the process of apoptosis (cancer cell suicide). It also prevents the development of tumors in the ovaries, digestive tract, colon, lungs and on the skin. Citral forces cancer cells to self-destruct.

Scientists are still busy experimenting and studying on definite cure and prevention of cancer. Hence, it is best to take precautions against getting cancer.

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Last but not least

It is recommended that you remain active and eat a balanced diet. It is believed that you reduce your risks of getting cancer by leading a healthier life.

In case you have family history of suffering from cancer, you should go for regular check-ups. It is said that early detection of cancer helps in easy treatment of the illness.


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